1. Brent McCollough - Mystery

1. Brent McCollough - Mystery

2. Brent McCollough - Charlie Brown

Brent McCollough

Brent McCollough is a multidisciplined musical talent. Hired for his versatility as a vocalist, keyboardist, programmer, rhythm guitarist, harmonica player, recording/mixing/mastering engineer, producer, backing track creator, arranger, composer, songwriter, and more, he is a young and unique asset to the musical world.


Brent is a full-time freelance musician based out of Nashville, TN and is known for his ability to sing and play keyboards at a professional level in many different genres. He studied privately for 13 years with many different piano teachers including Matt Slocum, Ray Reach, Matt Wiley, and more before deciding to design his own music degree in Music Production and Performance at the University of Alabama that covered performance, business, songwriting, and production. During his time at Alabama, he was performing several nights a week with various professional bands based out of Tuscaloosa and Birmingham, including but not limited to The Black Jacket Symphony, Nationwide Coverage, Derek Sellers Band, and more. After graduating from Alabama, Brent was awarded the opportunity to be a full time graduate teaching fellow while completing his master’s degree in Jazz Studies in the performance track at the University of North Texas, under the direction of Pat Coil, who currently tours with Michael McDonald and has also toured with Carmen McRae, Olivia Newton-John, Amy Grant , Vince Gill Woody Herman, and many others. During his time at UNT, Brent directed the Zebras Contemporary Ensemble, taught Jazz Keyboard Fundamentals classes, and assisted in other various undergraduate classes. After he completed his master’s degree at UNT, he moved to Nashville, TN, where he currently resides as an in demand freelance musician.
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Brent records, mixes, produces, and masters all kinds of music, including his own. He began recording and mixing bands that he performed with throughout junior high school using Pro Tools, and since then has done recording, mixing, and mastering for artists all over the southeast. His studio work spans many various genres, and he is also regularly hired to mix and master live performances. He currently runs Brent McCollough Studios in Nashville, TN, and prides himself in making his clients’ musical dreams come true.
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